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A Solution for Storing Renewable Energy

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Hydrogen as a Solution to Energy Storage

Storing Green Energy:
The Key to a Sustainable Future

For a prosperous and environmentally sustainable future, energy from renewable source is the universally accepted answer. However, while many technologies are now available to harvest green energy efficiently and economical, there is a severe lack of solutions to the storage of renewable energy. Almost all paths to harvest green energy result in intermittent electricity – while great for immediate consumption it is difficult to store.


State of the art battery solutions are expensive and bring great environmental concerns with them. Problems exist with limited availability and impact of mining the required raw material as well as difficulty to recycle. Hydrogen is a promising chemical way of storing green energy, but relatively little discussion and awareness exist around the difficulties of storage and transportation of hydrogen and the unfavorable consequences on overall energy efficiency.

A Breakthrough in Rechargeable Cell Technology

Efficient Zinc based Energy Storage

As a result of more than 15 Years of R&D on Zinc based rechargeable galvanic cells, our patent application pending technology can be a ground-breaking contribution to both the electrical storage as well as the efficient production and storage of Hydrogen.

Zinc is plentiful, is low cost and has minimal environmental impact. Zinc based cells are easy to recycle and inherently safe. One kg of Zinc can store well over 1kWh of energy – with Zinc accounting for most of the material cost in our hydrogen storage cell (1kg Zinc appr 3 USD)

Our cell technology allows to recharge Zinc with thousands of cycles durability.

Our Zinc technology can not only be used for Hydrogen on demand. The ability to recharge Zinc can also be deployed in a NiZn Battery with competitive performance to Li-Ion technology.

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“On-demand, in-line production with no cooling, compression or storage required.”


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