Nickel Zinc Cell

Rechargable NiZn battery systems have been known for over 100 years – originally invented by Thomas Alva Edison and patented in 1901.

They are known to have theoretical high energy and power densities, are fast charging and discharging, operate in a very wide temperature range, are inherently safe, relatively low cost and have the potential for thousands of charge/discharge cycles.

Even though a lot of progress has been made on the technology since the early 2000s, current available batteries are still limited do to issues with zinc morphology (anode) and technical limitation of active material nickel load (cathode) preventing the full potential for energy and power densities.

The combination of our Zn2H2 patent application pending technology for Zinc (anode) and Nickel (cathode) does overcome these limitations and results in energy densities competitive to current lithium-ion technologies while offering vastly superior power densities.

Our unique technology allows both a conventional and a bi-polar battery design offering further potential for high density and high voltage applications




“Inherently safe High Power / High-Energy Battery at low cost”


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